WordPress Hosting

White Mountain Media provides a WordPress Hosting service for the customers for whom it builds WordPress websites. Additionally, we also supply this service for clients whose sites we Maintain & Support. More information about the available packages is available on the WordPress Maintenance & Support Page.


Image of WordPress Hosting Data Centre
Image of WordPress Hosting Data Centre

WordPress Hosting Website Metrics

To enable us to provide you with a quote for our WordPress Hosting service we need to know a few things about your existing site.

  1. The number of visitors to the site each month.
  2. The amount of disk space your website uses for files, databases and Email if included in your existing package. 
  3. The maximum amount of data you need to transfer at any one time is the maximum bandwidth your site requires. 
  4. Finally, the maximum data transferred each month. A good analogy would be if bandwidth were a tunnel, the bigger it is, the more cars can pass through it. So in this instance, the data transfer capacity would be defined as the number of vehicles allowed to go through the tunnel in a given period.  You should analyse a minimum of one month of data.

It is vital that your website has sufficient capacity. Failure to have enough bandwidth or data transfer capacity will result in visitors to your site having a poor user experience. Worse still they might find your site unavailable. 

To enable us to provide you with a quote, please tell us more about your site.


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